Teaching Proposal

  • Objectives :

– To present the fundamental concepts of drumming in the African cultural tradition.

– To demonstrate the basic techniques necessary for playing the great variety of African percussion instruments.

– To develop a broader rhythmic sense relevant to every musical style.

– To encourage an intuitive understanding for those students struggling with basic rhythmic development.

  • Method :

– By demonstrating various African percussion instruments students gain a first-hand experience of the sounds and potential of the great African rhythmic tradition.

– By weekly sessions in the various techniques students learn basic skills as they gain a deeper understanding of the African culture.

– Specific attention is given to the particular dance oriented accentuation of the Griot drumming tradition.

– Abdou Mboup has created an innovative and yet understandable notation system for percussion which facilitates the learning process. This method was demonstrated to be effective during a 2 years residency at the Loisirs & Culture Center in Paris (music school, France) and at the New School University, NY