The Band

Abdou Mboup Kora 21 string African harp, Xalam 5 string African guitar,
Percussion & vocal

Featuring :

  • Keyboards
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Drums

Waakaw was founded in 1995 with musicians that perform both traditional African and jazz music. This band gathered the finest and open minded musicians in new York, they can play any music style in respecting the spirit cause each one has its own difference. This group plays original compositions, with the purpose of serving as a bridge between African and American music, sharing the harmony and culture of both with diverse audiences.

Music is for sharing, and we will involve the audience as part of our performance, inviting them to sing and clap hands along with us. That way, they can personally experience the African music and rhythm

The goal is to explain the origin of the music, coming from the motherland of Africa that has generated so much music from around the world.

The music of the Waakaw band is called in different styles, some call it Afro Jazz, Afro Pop, Afro Smooth Jazz, World Music but the better expression i do like is when they say Afro Fusion yeah it is a mixture of basic African and harmony. We can fit different type of festivals from Jazz to World Music